Saturday, June 11, 2011

Butterfly Water Marble Nails

Butterfly Water Marble Nails

So here is the look completely finished. If you watched my video on how to get this design than you will understand the preparation and dipping process of marbling ones nails.  Below is the water marbling pattern I used to achieve the butterfly look.

Here are the colors I used for this tutorial..If you have questions about the names or brand, feel free to check out the tutorial on my channel I will have everything in the description bar!

So now for the details... shhhh its a secret.. So first you begin by dropping a little bit of paint onto your pallate.

 Now begin to outline the wing shape on your nail.. Be careful with the size of the dots you make and also work from a larger dot to smaller dots to create a soft elegant look.

And here is the completed nail.. now you can see exactly what I am referring to when I was talking about the size of the dots.

Hope you all enjoyed this please leave comments or questions!

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