Friday, May 27, 2011

The Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog. Officail Hot Dog of Los Angeles!!!

The Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog. Official Hot dog of Los Angeles!!!
If you have not had one you are definitely missing out!! it comparable to lets say the "In In Out" burger except it's a Hot Dog.. When you think about getting the best dog in L.A. you think about a bacon wrapped street dog that you find on any Downtown L.A. street corner.

Now lets just say that your not in L.A. or maybe you are but perhaps you just wanna make these bad boys at home... here's how ya do it! Take notes!

                                                  Choose your favorite kind of hot dog.

                                           Then wrap them up with some delicious bacon!

                     You will need to chop up one white onion, one red and one green bell pepper.
Then fry then with a little butter or olive oil on the grill or skillet. I also like to add the bacon fat from the    hot dogs to the veggies while they are cooking. I know, I know... SUPER BAD but so GOOOOOD!!!!

                                             Make sure you have got the necessary condiments..
                          The bacon wrapped bad boy is not complete with out this combination.

and don't forget the buns... you can toast these a little bit on the grill or skillet while the dogs are cooking.

Mmmmmmm so yummy.. Dang I think I'm gonna have to make these tonight!!!

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  1. I haven't had an alley dog in years! They are sooo yummy. And I always got mine with mayo fattening and soooo good. I think I'm going to have these for Memorial Day..thanks for the reminder!