Tuesday, April 19, 2011

How to bling your phone

                                                             How to Bling Your Phone!

       If you know Carly than your will know that I love shiny things! So what is better than a sparkly phone...The first thing I did was buy a plastic case online, those usually cost about 8-10 bucks. I got mine on ebay!

One I received my case I was so excited to decorate it.. the first thing I did was begin to look up places that sold flat swarovski crystals. I am fortunate to live in the Los Angeles area because I found the best bead/jewelry store evaaaaa! Its called Bohemian Crystal located on Maple street in DTLA (hipster acronym...lol) Downtown Los Angeles. And of course because of my faithfulness to the Lakers my phone had to be purple.

The Bohemian Crystal jewelry store had every bead, jewel, glue or any kind of jewelry accessories that one may need. So to complete the task at hand I had to purchase the special glue E600, its amazing for decorating phones. I also had to purchase the jewels, they were size 12 and it took me about 400 jewels to complete this phone. They are sold in a lot of 144 jewels for around 7 to 8 dollars.


As soon as I got home I began to glue each jewel on individually with a toothpick. This took me about 7 hours but it was so worth it because it is unique and made especially for me! I hope you all enjoyed this post and attempt to bedazzle your phones as well!

Also if you really like this idea but you think it may be to time consuming or you are not able to find the materials... I am more than willing to take special orders for customized cases!