Wednesday, December 22, 2010

California Dinning in with a Euro Twist

 California Dinning In with a Euro Twist
Salmon is on the Menu Tonight!

But let us begin with the drinks first.
These are simple wine glasses that I have filled half way with ice and the addition of a slice of lime on the inside as well as the rim of the glass.

Now for the mixing.. because I like to taste the Goose in my Cape Cod, I do a half and half measurement meaning half the glass with grey Goose vodka or Belvedere ( which I prefer) and the other half Cranberry juice.. in this case I used Raspberry Cranberry juice.. Delicious!

Now some of you may be familiar with this because Sonia recently did a blog post on this salad that I make several times a week.. But I want all of you to know the secrets, first off you need to get this Feta cheese from Trader Joe's, its called Pastures of Eden and it is from Israel.. I must say the absolute best Feta out there.

In this salad I have: Fresh Greens, Red onion (finely chopped), Black olives, Feta cheese, Cranberries, English Cucumber and Candied Pecans
Dressing: 3/4 Balsamic vinaigrette, 1/4 Olive Oil, Teaspoon Sugar, Teaspoon Lemon Juice

Of course you gotta have artichokes.. I love these with a little mayo and lemon.. Euro Style!

Now on to the main course.. the Salmon. I begin with fresh Rosemary from the garden, chopped up finely.

Then I marinade the Salmon; make sure you get the freshest piece you can fined, sometime Salmon can be fishy if it is not FRESH! Anywho... A little bit of Olive oil, salt, pepper, Half a lemon (for the juice), and Fresh Rosemary sprinkled all over the Salmon. Then i stick it in the broiler for about 20 minutes.. I like mine well done and a little browned on top.

Well that seems to be it.. please let me know how you liked this recipe and If you have you own California specialties that you make on a night inside.. Peace and love to all.. Goodnight
<3 Ms Carly California <3

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

California Style

 California Style 

So here it goes y'all my second blog post. Because I did a little shopping today at he Santa Anita mall, I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show you all what I picked up.. If you guys like my taste hopefully you can find these items at your mall or something similar.

This first shirt was an item that I found in the Mens section at the Cotton On store.. It was also on the sale rack; if my memory serves me right, I believe that I ONLY PAID 5 bucks for it. What caught my eye is the coral color that is one of my fav colors at the moment and the sexy woman on the t-shirt. Because this shirt was so big (XXL) I thought it would be one of those tops that I could be creative with and cut the neckline out of so that it can be worn off the shoulder.. check Sonia's channel in a few days for that video an how to cut he neckline out.

I also picked up a couple sweatshirts (from Cotton On).. again I really loved the sexy lady and the femininity of the soft pink.. if you want to wear a sweat shirt and still feel girly I think this is the right choice.

I thought this sweatshirt was perfect for a cold day when I still want something cute but comfortable, with black leggings preferably. 

I also went into Charlotte Russe, where they were havin a great sale. These earrings were 2 for $8 bucks, my favorite thing about them is that they are long and dangle went you wear them.

I was in need of a new wallet and this was screaming my name, If ya guys don't know by now... I LOVE ANIMAL PRINT!!! This particular print was so beautiful because it also had a metallic shimmer.

Well that was it.. I know kinda short but I hope you all enjoy my finds as well as my cute and comfy California style  <3 Adios, Au Revoir, Buh Bye <3

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My First Blog.. Venice Beach!!

My First Blog Post. Venice Beach <3
Beautiful day at Venice beach and we just had to get out and have a fun day of shopping, eating and people watching.... My favorite parts about Venice Beach are all of the unique jewelry and accessorises that a girl can not resist. This particular artist made her own head bands and Sonia and I had to get one!
What a cute sand creation.. look at those fangs!
I personally think that the Sidewalk Cafe is one of the BEST places to eat on the boardwalk sooo Sonia and I had to stop and get our grub on.. She got the largest Greek salad in the world and I had to get the battered fried shrimp with EXTRA Lemon. The food was delicious as we watched all of the interesting peeps walk by and the performers entertain us.
Judy Pie and I...Can't resist this little man!
Sonia sportin the new flower headband and Damn my hair looks great if I have to say so myself.. Gosh why can't it look like that all the time.
The End... Hugs and Kisses, Hope you all enjoy my first post : )